Urban Chickens in Iowa City? Not if Mayor has her way

I enjoyed this article today about Iowa City Mayor Regina Bailey and her concerns about allowing urban chickens.


University students often leave pets behind, she says, and the city – home to the University of Iowa – would need to develop facilities to shelter abandoned chickens.
Another problem: Small Midwestern farmers are increasingly trying to raise a diversity of organic produce beyond corn, oats and soybeans. But that movement faces an uphill battle, Bailey says, when locals who are passionate about high-quality eggs bypass their local farmers.


Hm. I’m not sure that abandoned chickens will turn out to be quite the overwhelming problem she anticipates. Chickens are yummy and they move slower than most of their predators. Also, you can eat them.


2 responses to “Urban Chickens in Iowa City? Not if Mayor has her way

  1. Need to shelter abandoned chickens! You don’t shelter them, you eat them.
    I really don’t think that a few backyard chickens is going to destroy the local farm economy!

  2. I think most urban families eat more chicken than they could realistically raise in their backyards, actually. And, also, honestly, abandoned chickens would not last long. Raccoons, owls, etc.

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