Crappy morning

I mean, in the grand scheme of things, and in full daylight, it’s not so bad, but this was my yesterday:

12:30 – I move from the chair (with Genna) to the bed. She starts coughing, so we get past that coughing fit, and get her settled back down, and I get myself some water and then I’m all awake and take about another 40 minutes to get to sleep.

2:00 – Wally wakes up coughing, then instead of going back to sleep, he has to pee. Now he’s awake, so we spend the next 30 minutes talking quietly.

2:40 – as I’m drifting off, Genna has another coughing fit.

2:50 – Wally wakes up coughing, goes back to sleep.

3:00 – now I really can’t get back to sleep. So I give up, turn on the TV, and start knitting.

5:00 – as I’m drifting off, Randy’s alarm goes off.

5:10 – Randy’s in the bathroom, and I hear the pitter patter of little feet. Little mouse feet. In the bedroom. Behind the bed. Um, ick. I wait, hoping Randy will come back in before heading down to work out. He doesn’t, so I have to get out of bed, risking waking the sleeping babes, to get him.

5:30 – Randy thinks I imagined the noise. Then he hears it. Doesn’t believe it’s a mouse.

6:00 – I go downstairs to find the sticky traps.

6:10 – Putting the sticky traps under the radiator, and one behind the bed. To put it against the wall, I have to move the vintage suitcase I store there. When I move the suitcase, i notice something interesting.

Mold. Growing on our wall. Why is there mold on the wall? Well, it’s feeding off the moisture. The moisture from the FROST.

(my theory is that the suitcase prevented the warmth from the room from reaching the wall, thus allowing condensation and frost. However, knowing this, i shudder to think of what the insides of our walls must look like. Do we have 100 years of mold inside there?)

7:00 – finally back asleep, three sticky traps set, and mold removal products at the ready for when the kids wake up.

Um, yuk.

I should note, this part of the wall is right above the basement part of the wall that behaves so wrong, we can’t figure out what the deal is. More accurately, we’ve decided ignorance is bliss. This wall leaks incessantly. It leaks so bad that the interior wall also leaks. (meaning, a wall that joins up with this exterior wall, but that juts into the room). It’s not collapsing in like the other (nonleaking) wall is. Directly outside is a cement pad, which seems to have no purpose. a cistern has been suggested, but who would put a cistern right up next to the foundation? It seems clear that the only way we’ll find out is by digging it up, and I’m not really aching to do that.

(Also: Mouse caught. Randy woke me up at an ungodly hour this am so I could hear its pathetic squeaking. I said poor baby, and by that i meant Randy, who absolutely had to take care of that.)


2 responses to “Crappy morning

  1. The cisertern is right next to the foundation.Sometimes it was actually under a porch or near a kitchen door. That’s what that is, BTW. ANd it is probably still attached to yard tiles and roof drainage and then it is collapsing from age. Just saying. Though I think you also have a roof leak into the wall. I can come and actually take a look if you want. With my fancy camera and stuff (not the Nikon, the wall camera, it is neat).

  2. There is no possible way we have a roof leak. The roof was just relaid a few years ago, and the underlying roof structure was completely replaced.

    I can buy yard drainage into that section of the basement, though. But you’re welcome to come with the wall camera, that sounds like fun!

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