Man Up

I love this new ad campaign by Dockers:

I’ve been disturbed by the manning of women (and womaning of men) that’s happened in our society, and also the negative media images of men. I’ve written about it before.

This ad campaign says, though it’s tongue in cheek, Men. Be the man. Quit being ashamed of it. Eat red meat. Wear the pants.

Though honestly, I think that there are still a good number of men in American society who WANT to wear the pants, but who are, after all, men, and so consequently are eager to keep their women happy. And their women are happy, increasingly, when they are in charge.

So, really, perhaps the societal message that’s really needed is Women, take off the pants. (Not like that, you perve.)

We see this in our classes all the time.

Men have trouble leading. It’s a learned skill. Also a learned skill (or learned mentality) is the idea that women are better than men at dancing. Women in our classes assume they’re better, and they know better, and they’re the better dancers, and their partners can’t get it. So they lead. Then they complain because their partners aren’t leading. Hello!

He can’t lead. Because only one person can lead. And you’re already doing it. So you stop. Your partner will step up. Trust me. The problem with this is that the woman absolutely has to trust that her partner can do it. And so few women do.

They are unpracticed at it. It’s sad.

It’s nearly 3 am. keep that in mind when you read this.


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