End of December Update

Nonfiction reading: I’m currently taking a break from nonfiction while I read the Iliad. I mean, I’m still reading nonfiction, but it’s all how-to type books that totally don’t count.

I’m working on the German with some software I got for free on Black Friday. whoo hoo. My favorite word so far is the German for Hospital. Das Krankenhouse. ha ha.

As 2009 wraps up, and thus my taking a picture every day project wraps up, I’ll turn my attention to the Picture of Every Time on the Clock project.

Sh1ft is running A Day in the Life on New  Year’s Eve, so I’ll be completing that project then.

I’m currently on the lookout for some new charitable crafting to do in 2010. I contacted Iowa Right to Life to inquire about needs, but their vision was a bit more, um, involved than mine. (I wrote to see if they had some need I could fill with sewing, maybe recruiting other to help me, and they wrote back that they’d love it if I’d head up some sort of big Get the Young People Involved project. Yikes.)

Monthly Items:

Compliment a total stranger. I needed to call for help and an explanation of something related to one of our bills that didn’t make any sense. The woman who answered the phone was extraordinarily helpful and polite and as a bonus, she spoke English. I thanked her profusely and then spoke with her supervisor.

Letter Writing: I just wrote a letter to my dad’s parents, to let them know about Genna. Ha. Yeah. We never really had much contact with them while growing up, for many (good and not so good) reasons. Their annual Christmas letter is usually a riot, but completely unintentionally.

Wonderful for Randy: Again, I must ask – doesn’t not killing him in his sleep count for something?? In reality, I’m still planning something for next week.

Vocabulary Word: lucubrate. To work laboriously.

Baking Bread: I’ll be baking December’s loaf tomorrow.

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