2009 Goals, how did I do?

Considering that I haven’t so much as looked at my goals for at least 4 months, this should be interesting…

Goal Check-in

1) Expand my businesses. (seems odd in the face of CPSIA, yes?)

  • become more involved in industry groups, even if they’re not quite related.     Joined F-I. That’s really about the extent of what I could do, honestly. I also became more involved in Etsy groups, but I refuse to join the CD industry group and there is no BW industry group.
  • post more regularly at places my customers frequent    This one, I still struggle with. I have trouble finding time to just surf the web and get involved in online communities. I do a good job for a few weeks, then this is the first thing to go when I get busy. It’s a good goal, marketing-wise, but maybe not realistic for me.
  • some more specific plans I have that I am not comfortable posting here, considering how nearly every time I have a great idea, someone comes along and does it before I have a chance.   This was the Green Gifts Fair. Yay! A huge success.

2) Maintain a healthier balance. (seems odd in the face of #1, yes?)

  • keep to a good routine that doesn’t let business eat into the whole day. I can’t get more specific until I see what January and February bring.   This was perhaps my most significant achievement of 2009. I think I did an excellent job here.
  • work on maintaining patience even when irritated at the constant interruptions when trying to concentrate.  ha ha. um, no.

3) Healthy Me.

  • Outside exercise daily during decent weather.    Not daily, but we did go for walks outside many days when it was nice out.
  • Start well-thought-out exercise plan in January.    The exercise remained rather sporadic.
  • Make that hike up Timp. (of course, this is partly/largely out of my control. will depend on Randy and Wally doing their parts.)  So, no. Randy really just wasn’t in good enough shape to get very far, and since he was huffing and puffing, I had to be in charge of both Genna and Wally. Keeping Wally motivated is a full-time job! We did make it to the waterfall.
  • Eat well. I could define that for the sake of posterity, but I know what I mean by this and don’t have time to write it out.   I was doing well, but the last 3 months have pretty much stunk it up.

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