A Day in the Life

A photo project.

Day in the Life: 1:00 am
1 am, finishing up the sparkling grape juice

Day in the Life: 2:00 am
2 am, a little Gilmore Girls before bed

Day in the Life: 9:15 am
9:15 am, bright eyed and bushy tailed

Day in the Life: 10:13 am
10:13, this is how our bed looks when it’s made.

Day in the Life: 11:10 pm
11:10, a little me time.

Day in the Life: 12:14 pm
12:14, setting out the bread to rise

Day in the Life: 1:25 pm
1:25 breakfast with a little thief. Or, I guess, lunch.

Day in the Life: 2:58 pm
12:58 updating Natural Living Des Moines

Day in the Life: 4:08 pm
4:08 family wii

Day in the Life: 5:15 pm
5:15 cleaning the closet

Day in the Life: 6:51 pm
6:51 Laundry. My helper has stolen some socks and crawled around the corner.

Day in the Life: 7:59 pm
7:59, had to help Spot with an incomplete molt

Day in the Life: 8:04 pm
8:04 feeding time

Day in the LifeL 9:15 pm
9:15 knitting with sleeping Genna

Day in the Life: 10:30
10:30 sleeping boy

Day in the Life: 11:30
11:30 finished!


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