The Duggars

I’ve been watching 18 kids and counting reruns lately. And then I wanted to look for an update on the newest baby, a preemie, and came across the TLC-sponsored 18 kids and counting message board. Holy cow, that’s a lot of haters.

But what mostly irritated me was the continual comments to the effect of: the kids, especially the girls, are not being adequately prepared for life. Their parents do not allow them to go to school. They don’t allow them to learn a trade.  etc.

Um, what? Yes, everyone knows that public school really thoroughly prepares you to live on your own at the age of 18.

Yikes! Whatever.

They are all homeschooled and, as such, are probably getting a better education than their PS peers. They have learned many practical things just from their life – building, cooking. The two oldest kids have started their own businesses.

And the girls are learning really valuable skills in running a family, being a wife, etc. And as much as feminists want to put that down, I think those are valuable skills that too few women have a chance to learn. I know I didn’t, and I wish I had. It’s honestly really freaking hard to have a good marriage when you didn’t grow up in a functioning household.

I don’t think the girls are currently learning a trade (though i don’t know), but, heck, neither did I. Neither did ANYONE I know at that age (16-18). Several of my HS friends went on to college right away like I did, but with a few exceptions, we were all pretty directionless. Some of my HS friends were even more directionless than I and ended up dropping out of college, wasting both time and money. Some of my HS friends were smarter and knew they didn’t know what they’d study in college, so they didn’t go… they just got jobs. Not a single one remained living with their parents, and to the best of my knowledge, all are responsible members of society.

So I don’t get all the hype and negativity. Their parents don’t “let” them go to school. argh.

I’m not saying everyone should be like the Duggars. But I don’t understand all the hate. (And actually I know several people who are all “oh, we shouldn’t be so judgemental of others, have an open mind, blah blah” who turn around and bash this family. Whatever, people.)


2 responses to “The Duggars

  1. I just did more reading and it turns out that at least the oldest girl has said she wants to be a midwife. So then there’s someone slamming her because she would have to leave home and get an actual degree not just be homeschooled to do that. She’d have to go away to college.

    Um, people who know so much… most midwifery courses are correspondence with only SOME time away at classes, it’s not your typical 4 year degree. And that’s only if you want any sort of accreditation, which you certainly don’t need to be a midwife.

    Ignoramouses. ha ha. I’m so certain that’s not how you’d spell it.

  2. I also know people who slam this family for “forcing their kids to grow up too fast” and making them take on too much responsibility. That’s sad. Most families up until a generation ago functioned much like this one! (albeit, maybe not quite so large). My Dad has 9 brothers and sisters and yes, the older kids help out with the younger kids, etc. But isn’t that what families are supposed to do?!? I really don’t have a problem with this family at all. They’ve never been on public assistance, they pay for their own insurance, they paid cash for their house and built it as they had money. There are a lot of people in my neighborhood who could take a lesson or two from them. Plus, just from watching the show, you can tell that they all really love each other and have good relationships with one another. They really do live what they believe. Amazing, huh? 🙂

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