Everybody can just go to hell.

Everyone. Yes, you, too.

It’s been one of those days.

Wally seems to be just being naughty on purpose. Like, Randy reminds him for the 1000th time that bed is for laying in, not doing acrobatics, and three seconds later, he’s doing somersaults. What the hell?

The library was out of copies of InkDeath on CD, so I settled for another book narrated by Brendan Fraser (same author, though) only to discover when I got home that I had tapes, not CDs. Argh.

I have a customer who ordered something custom made over a year ago and still hasn’t paid for it. Last time I asked, she said she’d get it “next time.” This time, she says she no longer needs it, then she said she forgot about it, and then she said that it wasn’t made the way she wanted it. (which isn’t true, it’ s made exactly as she asked, and because it is made exactly as asked, it’s not really resaleable.)

And I’m stuck with a custom item that I can’t resell and have to pretty much just write off. grrrr. It’s been sitting on my shelf for over a year now. If she could have just fessed up a year ago, I could have had that shelf looking less sloppy all year.

What’s frustrating about this is that I think overwhelmingly people still don’t understand the difference between a small business and Target. OK, I can’t just take that as a tax deduction and move on. That’s 3 hours of my time, time when Genna was a newborn, that I’ll never get back. That’s $25 in materials and supplies that I’ll never get back. That’s money directly out of my pocket, and food out of my family’s mouths.

It’s frustrating on another level, too. I usually don’t make items from gift registries (which this was) until they are ordered. Because 9 times out of 10, it won’t be ordered. (Not because registries don’t work, but just because that’s my luck.) But this time, I did. Because the customer said “if nobody buys it, I’ll definitely be buying it” and like the sucker I am, I gave in. Sigh. I also don’t typically make ANYTHING custom until it’s been paid for, and custom items are not refundable after I’ve started work on them. Because my time is valuable and I will not allow it  – or materials – to be wasted. (Because then I just have to raise prices for everyone, and it isn’t fair to saddle future customers with the debt of flaky past customers.)

So there’s that.

Then there’s – I’ve washed the sheets four times in the last 2 days. Tomorrow, the instant anyone’s eyes pop open, then are getting out of bed and they’re not getting back in until they’re half asleep again. What’s extra frustrating about this – besides the making the bed four times – is that washing the sheets is a job that takes most of the day. We have two blankets, a comforter, and three sheets (1 fitted, 2 flat), plus the mattress pad. That’s three washer loads and six dryer cycles.

I feel like all I’ve done for the last two days is wash sheets and yell at Wally. On the upside, I’ve filled a LOT of orders and our mail lady has started delivering our mail again, so said orders can actually be delivered. On the downside, this means that we’re also getting bills again.


One response to “Everybody can just go to hell.

  1. Hang in there. I was sooo embarassed by Liv yesterday while we were out, and she has been just as difficult at home. I am at the point where I just don’t know what else to do but keep her in timeout or take things away. I do think part of it is some cabin fever issues. We have been stuck inside so much more than usual this year. Usually the kids can play outside for just a little each day, but up until yesterday, it just wasn’t warm enough to be safe. They are definitely following me around during chores today. I also think a lot of it is the age. W and Liv are old enough to start actively thinking for themselves, and defiance is a natural byproduct. They think they know better. They need reasons why they should do what you ask. I actually (a real stellar mom moment here) told Liv she had to start picking up the toys in her room each day when asked, or pay me to do it. Really. I then went into what that meant and how, as a family, we support each other, and if she isn’t starting to pull her weight at age five, then she would pay for someone else to do so. I am sure most ap parents out there would be appalled, but seriously, what else to do? I try gentle approaches, harsh ones, whispering, screaming, talking it through, just putting my foot down. Nothing works at this point short of using my super angry, reserved for certain in laws I abhor and dogs who are acting like morons voice, which I hate to use, at certain points. I just dont’ know. I was thinking it was structure, but knowing you and W’s routine with school and such, it is so just this age. And girls, I am warning you now, are worse. The hormone thing that boys don’t have going on just adds an extra dramatic hurdle.
    Just hang in there. I am just forever thankful for friends like you and Mama P (and all those other awesome ones I have) that I can relate to with the actual happenings and not feel like a criminal or failure when I ‘m done.
    As far as stupid customers, don’t let her order anything. Ever. Again. You have so many other faithful customers already, plus the ones I manage to round up for you regularly 🙂

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