Raw Milk Legislation introduced in Iowa

Some of you may be interested in this bill, which would allow the sale of raw milk direct to the consumer from the farmer. Though NLDM takes no actual stance on the issue of raw milk, we do encourage everyone do their own research. However, this bill would certainly allow consumers more choices in the marketplace, and would allow small dairy farmers to actually sell their milk to consumers. (Many small dairy concerns can only sell cheese, because pasteurization is too onerous and/or expensive.)

As with any proposed legislation, if this is a topic that interests you, please contact your local elected representatives. I’ve found our state representatives to be incredibly responsive to constituent input – even if they disagree on the topic at hand.


6 responses to “Raw Milk Legislation introduced in Iowa

  1. We need raw milk available to people that want to purchase it.At least from the farm or farmers market.We need wholsome food that wont cause disease.We want stronger immune systems from real food that is not altered and stripped of its nuturtioal value.Raw milk from a pasture raised cow in an organic environment that is licensed and procedes with a grade a and certified to sell raw.Being forced to drink pasturized milk or no milk isnt right.

  2. We currently live in MN where raw milk sale is allowed at the farm site. We’re moving to Iowa and I wish it was legal there as well. I think legalizing raw milk sales, at least at the farm, is a great option for the people who enjoy it. I really hope this goes somewhere.

  3. We own a small goat farm in central Iowa last year the demand for raw milk (people wanting to buy) was astronomical, but couldn’t do it because of laws and fear of prosecution. Government claims they want to revitalize rural america. This is one way to do it, small farmers who eat and drink what they sell, aren’t going to sell bad product because that is how we eat and drink. Who do we need to contact to get this bill though?

  4. Matt – the regular session is over for this year, so at this point, all you can do is wait until the next session starts. Contacting your own state legislators (at any time) to let them know your thoughts on the issue is never a bad idea. Once the new session starts, encourage them to introduce or sponsor a raw milk bill, if one is introduced, contact whoever introduced it to express your support, and contact your own legislator who encourage their support if it comes to a vote. Contact everyone on whatever committee it’s sent do (this one was sent to economic growth) to express your support, etc. Making an appointment to see them in person is never a bad idea, either.

    When I say “express support,” a good letter would include the name and number of the bill (if there is one), why you support it personally, and then also giving some facts that might help the legislator decide to support it. I’ve found state legislators to be very responsive.

  5. Some other states work around this by selling raw milk for pet consumption, or actually having consumers rent cows….

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