Holidays are dumb

Honestly, even those I celebrate.

They are.

Think about today. Martin Luther King Jr Day. Oh, everyone’s all into MLK today. Quoting him. Encouraging others to do an act of service today in his honor. blah blah. I would guess that the VAST majority of people posting MLK quotes today and talking him up are just posers. It’s hip to be into MLK today, so that’s what we’ll do. Ask those people when his actual birthday was. To briefly review his biography for you. Where did he die? Did he have kids? Can you tell me anything other than a few trite quotes? For most people, that answer is NO.

I’m not claiming to be a font of MLK knowledge, either. I’ve visited the place where he was killed and I know his birthday was the 15th. I could briefly review his life story for you, but my knowledge is shallow.

The point here is, MLK is hip today. Tomorrow, he’ll be forgotten. If we want to TRULY honor MLK and his “dream,” we should be doing MLK day activities year-round, right?

OK, let’s move on. Valentine’s Day. We don’t celebrate V day in our family. It’s so superficial. If we REALLY love each other, we should honor each other EVERY DAY. not just one day. Not just on one day that’s so loaded with ridiculous pressure that some relationships are made or broken over it.

How about Christmas? How many people celebrate Christmas – and Christ – on Christmas day, but then Christ is forgotten about until Easter? And I’m not even talking about the nonChristians who celebrate Christmas, which is a topic for another day. I’m talking about the Christians who celebrate!

I personally think we should ALSO observe President’s Day as a nation. How is it possible that MLK day is a national holiday but President’s Day is not? Without Lincoln and Washington (the two presidents who we supposedly celebrate on that day), MLK’s achievements would certainly not have been possible. (This is true even if, like me, you don’t believe that Lincoln fought the Civil War to end slavery.) But even observing President’s Day would be completely shallow in this modern country where most people couldn’t answer the most basic questions about our earliest Presidents. Quoting Washington on President’s Day, if you just looked up a quote on Google, is just as shallow as quoting MLK, if you just looked up an MLK quote on google, is today.

And thus ends the barely coherent rant on holidays. I think MLK irks me most of all because it’s “cool” these days to be into MLK.


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