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Arguing that any person opposing a King holiday would automatically be dubbed a racist, Helms urged the Senate not to be bullied into elevating King to “the same level as the father of our country and above the many other Americans whose achievements approach that of Washington’s” by making him one of the few individuals honored by a federal holiday. The day before the bill passed the Senate, District Judge John Lewis Smith Jr. denied Helms’ request to unseal FBI surveillance tapes of King that were due to remain sealed until 2027.

And it’s true. Anyone saying anything negative is dubbed a racist (or “bitter”). And it’s not been clearly explained why MLK deserves a Federal holiday over many others… and why his holiday is observed as a day off by many schools and businesses, but President’s Day is not, despite the obvious fact that MLK would not have been able to acheive ANYTHING without Washington and Lincoln. It seems the obvious answer is racism, but we don’t like to talk about THAT kind of racism, do we?
I have nothing against MLK, I admire the guy, actually. I think it’s interesting that anyone DARING to say anything like “hey, this isn’t the actual date of his birthday” is dubbed Bitter and assumed to be a King Hater. That says interesting things about the assumers, I think.
I am now curious what 2027 will bring…

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  1. Good point. I think the random picking of days to celebrate Christmas and Easter is a bit odd. I mean, I know it wasn’t totally random, but… you know, why not September 18? or March 3? Actually, I’d rather have Christmas in late January or early February… or even March.

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