I just heard an old quote from Obama (2001) where he says that the Constitution says what the Federal Government and the States cannot do, but it doesn’t say what they can or must do. (It was on a Chicago NPR station)

What the hell?

It most certainly DOES.

It’s quite clear on the subject.

It delineates the VERY FEW things the Federal government can and must do. It sets out several specific things it cannot do. And then it says that everything else is the sole domain of the states.

Holy Crap. I haven’t been this angry for a loooong time. The CONSTITUTION! How is it possible that I know more about the Constitution than the man who has sworn to uphold it? Is it possible that I’ve read it more recently than our President?

Actually, that’s a good question. How often DO our Presidents read the Constitution? Our other federal elected representatives? I am seething.

In case YOU haven’t read it recently, here’s a link.


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