why you don’t want to open a business

2 pm: order for 1 package of 4 napkins arrives in inbox

2:30 pm: phone call from customer, I tried to order 4, but your cart messed up and only got 1. Ignoring the fact that this is not posisble, I change order to 4 packages.

2:45: email from customer, stating same thing, but that he wants 5 packages.

3:00 phone call from customer saying he wants 4 packages, no I mean 5.

3:05: email to customer, trying to clarify how many packages.

3:15: email from customer. 5 packages.

3:30 Calculate remaining amount due for additional packages plus shipping, send PayPal bill for the additional cost.

3:45: email from customer, I mean 4 packages.

3:48: recalculate, edit PayPal bill.

3:50: customer wants 5 packages.

4:00: edit PayPal bill again

next morning: customer has emailed overnight, stating he wants 4 packages, and to please send PayPal request to this other email address, since he DOES have two different emails, you know.

10:00 adjust PayPal bill and resend to stated email address

10:05: he meant FIVE packages. Adjust bill.

4:00 bill is paid.

Next day: Mail out 5 packages of napkins.

1 week later (today): Customer has received package, sends angry email claiming I only sent 4 packages, but he’d like another 5 packages when I have time.

12:22 today: refund for cost of 1 package of napkins, knowing I’ve been majorly screwed over. Suggest customer uses website to order additional napkins, and hope that we don’t go through this again.


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