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I’ve been reading different blogs lately. There are several “types” of blogs out there, you know? There’s the cooking blogs, the craft blogs, the money-saving blogs, of course. But I’m talking about types of personal blogs. I’ve tended to find four different types of personal blogs.

There’s the Everything In My Life Is Really Funny blogs. Personally, I really like these. The writer is usually honest about her feelings, but shows that she sees the humor in it, at least after the fact. They leave out a lot, presumably because not everything really IS funny. But, let’s face it, a lot of stuff is pretty funny, even things that aren’t funny at the time. My favorite humor bloggers are also mommies, and their writing tends to encourage me to always see the humor in the situation. Let’s face it, kids are funny, even when they’re frustrating.

There’s the Super Inspirational But Maybe Not Realistic blogs. These people either have perfect lives, or they are just thrilled to pieces about everything. They are never disappointed, upset, or just grouchy. I know a few people with blogs like this, and they leave a LOT out of details, in order to reinforce the Blog Persona they’ve created, while leaving the impression that they’re not doing this. This is not a problem, because including the whole picture, the whole person, the whole family, would take away from the blog’s inspirational purpose, but I think sometimes READERS let themselves get caught in the fantasy and think that the writer’s life really is like that. Nonetheless, these blogs have a nice sense of peace and harmony and can inspire people to strive for the same sense of peace and harmony in their lives.

There’s the Completely Fictional blogs. These people, for reasons that are really really sad, lie. They have blogs that have no basis in their real lives, or else they have some basis, but a lot of fiction. It is sad. I know a few bloggers like this, as well. They’re not people I really want to be friends with.

There’s the Let It All Hang Out blogs. That’s what you’re reading. I don’t edit. I don’t leave things out – or add in extras – to please my “audience.” I don’t worry about pissing anyone off. I don’t worry about making anyone happy. I don’t worry about people agreeing or disagreeing. I honestly don’t care. That’s why the emails with “I’m never going to read your blog again!” make me laugh so much. OK, great. If reading someone’s opinion upsets you that much, you shouldn’t be reading here, I agree. That’s why I don’t read at MomsLikeMe. This blog is what it is. It’s mostly Stream-Of-Consciousness writing. I rarely edit. I rarely put things in draft and work on them for several days. I just start typing, then when I’m done, I press PUBLISH.

Some people have emailed to say they are inspired by this blog, some people read it because it’s nice to read something they agree with, some people read because they don’t agree and they’re stable enough to handle that. I know for a fact that some people read because they don’t like me and this blog gives them more ammo. I hope nobody reads because they’re related, because I’ve only given one family member my blog address, and that has caused enough trouble. (Sometimes I want to post links to my blog on Facebook, but then I’d have to start editing myself here and I don’t want to.)

So that’s it. That’s my blog. It’s MY blog. It’s me. What you read here is me. What you see is what you get. Stubborn, argumentative, opinionated, sarcastic, usually tossing around some pretty deep thoughts, but not always talking or writing about them. Mommy, believer, wife. Sometimes frustrated in each of those roles, sometimes blissfully loving them. Just me.


4 responses to “My blog

  1. Yes-let it all hang out. Even on your grumpy days, your blog makes me smile. Of course, it helps that we get to be grumpy together, in person, on a regular basis. And I agree with so much of what you say.

  2. I can’t stand the Super Inspirational But Maybe Not Realistic blogs. There’s one blog I read where the writer thinks she’s the bee’s knees and it drives me CRAZY. lol

  3. I TOTALLY AGREE!!! Wow! You are so on target with the different types of bloggers. I read a “ranch” woman’s blog, that is so pie-in-the-sky happy it drives me nutz! But I keep going back because she has great pictures.

    Keep blogging your way! I don’t edit either, & sometimes I wish I was more eloquent, but I don’t go back to edit either.

  4. I couldn’t agree more!! My sister in law has one of those “Super inspirational” blogs and it drives me CRAZY. Yes, her kids are cute. Yes, her house is immaculate. But dammit, doesn’t she EVER have a bad day?

    Keep keepin it real! 🙂

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