I heart the Olympics

I love the olympics. I don’t really enjoy watching most of the traditionally popular sports in America. Football, basketball, baseball, etc. I guess I’m more into the individual sports.

I like rooting for my country. I like cheering on those athletes who are thrilled to be at the olympics, and those who are excited to win. That Dutch speed skater who ran up into the stands to hug his family? Love that.

I love the strategy involved in the short track speed skating. I enjoy watching figure skating. I like me some moguls and ski jump.

But I’m finding that I seriously love the DVR. I can watch some moguls and then after I get bored with it, I can just fast forward. I don’t have to sit through Luge to watch speed skating. I don’t have to watch the inane commentary by the NBC news people. Love, love the DVR.


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