The last few days


Friday I got a speeding ticket in town. I rarely look at my speedometer in town. I just drive. I don’t weave in and out of traffic. If there’s nobody out, I drive faster. If there’s other cars, I just fit in with them. If I’m going downhill, I ease up off the gas but I do not use the brake unless conditions make coasting dangerous or there are other cars to consider. I have never gotten a speeding ticket. The last time I was pulled over, I was in high school and forgot my billfold on my way to a job interview and had to turn around to get it, and I think the cop could tell I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and gave me a warning.

But Friday, coasting down the hill on University at Merle Hay, I got pulled over by a really mean DM cop. I told her my billfold was in the back, and she said OK, but didn’t move. I couldn’t open my door. So I sat there for a minute waiting for her, then had to ask, “so, do you want me to go get it?” She moved JUST enough for me to squeeze out and then shadowed me all the way to the trunk, completely invading my personal space. I understand they have to watch out for their safety, but I’m a girl who takes her personal space very seriously. I locked the door when I got back in the car. Anyway, she could have given me a warning, considering my stellar driving history, but no. She wrote me a ticket for 15 mph over, which I’m not sure I was doing, but I wasn’t really looking, so who knows. I wouldn’t have minded so much but she was just so mean about it. And when she came back up after writing the ticket, she asked why I was going so fast. I wanted to ask her what the hell business it was of hers. i mean, really. She’d already written the ticket, so it’s not like if I had a really good reason, she would have been lenient.

Anyway. Weekend in Omaha, snow.Hard drive back (I had to drive) in blowing snow and some whiteout conditions. Got a chip in the windshield.

I think Wally’s allergic to dogs. Every time we visit my brother in law’s house (with a dog), he comes home with a really loose cough, runny nose, and watery eyes. Genna seems to have a runny nose, too, so maybe it’s a cold this time, I don’t know. But both kids were restless and up most of the night. I mean – THEY seemed to be sleeping, but they were up enough – Wally coughing and Genna just squirmy and restless and crying and needy – that I didn’t sleep at all. Randy of course doesn’t wake up, particularly now with the CPAP. At least I don’t have to listen to his snoring when I”m up.

AND one of my wisdom teeth is hurting like a mofo. I hope it’s not infected.


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