Today I emailed a few ideas to a person who seemed to be asking for ideas about something. Her response was pretty pert and upset-seeming, so I apologized if I had made her upset. By her own admission, she WAS upset (she was “crying”) and, as it turns out, she’s dealing with some personal emotional issues today. So she launched into a whole email’s worth of attacks, including that she didn’ t appreciate my saying she was upset. Which she was, and she said she was in that very email.

Anyway, I responded with, basically, “I’m sorry you’re having a tough day, let me correct the misunderstanding we seem to be having.” The response I received was “you knew I was having a bad day, you should give me a few days before responding.” wow. way to go, personal responsibility!!

The point of all this is that all this week, the theme has been “Sarah’s Really Glad She Doesn’t Work In An Office With Other Women.”

I wasn’t really considering returning to office work, but if I were, it would definitely seem that fate was giving me a big No, Don’t Do It!! message this week.

The lesson learned here is one that I’ll probably forget tomorrow. Both this email exchange and another email exchange this week have shown me that, even when people say they’re looking for ideas or input, if my intuition says to stop… I need to listen to my intuition.

Too often, people ask for ideas when what they really should be doing is just complaining.

In other words, don’t say “what else can I do” or “I don’t know – what do you think” if what you mean is “I’m frustrated and want to whine, so please listen” or “I have this great idea and I want to tell you about it.”


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