As always, I’m behind. Watching Ice Dancing.

I like Ice Dancing, maybe better than pairs figure skating. Unfortunately, it’s not that popular here.

I’m not a proponent of Ballroom dancing being an Olympic sport (there was a push a few years ago to make it such), but it does seem silly that Ice Dancing is, but ballroom dancing isn’t. Ice dancing is just ballroom on ice. And, like ballroom, many of the couples are brother and sister, which is an interesting contrast to the pairs – at least those shown on TV – of pairs figure skating.

Watching the Israeli couple dance/skate… I’m trying to remember whether I’ve seen any other Israeli athletes in the Olympics. Ever. There are a LOT of countries that we never get to see on the TV coverage, because their athletes aren’t favored, they stand no chance, etc. I hate that part of the TV coverage.

I’ve developed a strong dislike for the Korean speed skaters.

And I love how everyone becomes an expert during the Olympics. We listen to commentators’ brief explanations of the rules of the sports, and we think we know what we’re talking about. LOL.


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