What You Can Do Now

Too often, especially this time of year, I get all caught up in the “oh, but I can’t do that” syndrome. I am friends with a lot of people who live on farms, and they’re planning their gardens and their animals are having babies and whatnot. I read blogs of people waiting for their rooftop gardens to thaw out, Jill at Blue Gate is taking over her parents’ cabin to make massive quantities of noodles, etc.

I don’t have a place to garden. I can only keep a few small animals. I don’t have a cabin to make noodles in. There’s a LOT that I can’t do, or that I choose not to do because it’s not very practical for our family.

And it’s easy to get tied in to all that What I Can’t Do stuff.

But it’s probably better to focus on what I CAN do.

This year, I CAN  add to my flock, and I CAN add another small meat animal. This year, I CAN add some fruit trees to my yard. This year, I CAN make smaller batches of noodles in my extremely tiny kitchen.

There are things I CAN do, and I’d bet there are things YOU can do, as well. Maybe you can’t raise chickens in your backyard, but you can find a small sunny patch to grow some salad greens. Maybe you can’t have goats for fresh goat’s milk, but you could find a local farmer who can supply you with fresh goat’s cheese. (and if the Legislature passes the raw milk bill, said farmer could even supply you with fresh milk!)


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