I’m working on a post about politics and Christians, but read this article by Frank Pastore in the process. Though Pastore discusses Christians and the reluctance some have to discuss politics, I found his writing to be enlightening for a completely different reason. He talks about why some people have difficulty with disagreeing, and it shed light on the interesting and frustrating attempts at conversations with folks who occasionally comment here.

For the quotes below, remove “Christians” and insert “people.”

Perhaps many Christians don’t know how to argue without getting angry

Perhaps many Christians think arguing is bad because they can’t distinguish between a person and their ideas.

And though those statement seem obvious now that I’ve typed them out, when I first read the article, it was a real eye-opener.


3 responses to “Arguing

  1. I actually put that so that anyone seriously considering feeling that way would have a chance to laugh at them selves or at the very least, not post it. You know? 🙂

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