For those of you who didn’t know, we have been away since Thursday (a week ago). We traveled via RV from Kansas City to Mesa AZ with Randy’s sister’s family and his parents. 11 of us, in a CruiseAmerica rented RV. We attended his older sister’s second wedding on Sunday, then our family headed over to Anaheim CA to visit DisneyLand for a few days before making the drive back home. Our return trip was delayed twice by snow (we overnighted in Albuquerque when our highway was closed, and then again in Yukon OK when the roads there were hazardous and slow-going). It was an interesting trip, to say the least.

I’ll be posting more about it this week.

Mesa was interesting. I think all the desert southwest towns look the same. Dry, dusty, earth tones. No bright colors. Everything washed out by the sun. Nothing green and lush. There’s too much Iowa in me to be happy there. I require lush growth. I require green growing things, and dew in the mornings. I require four seasons.

I struck out by myself one day with the kids in search of a yarn store. Funny how, with the GPS, I have the confidence to do that. I had no idea where I was, or where I was going, but I had the trusty GPS giving me directions. And I got around just fine! Found the yarn store. It was lovely, but they carried nothing local, which is why I seek out local yarn stores on our various trips. I want something local! The closest they could get me was some laceweight stuff that was dyed locally, but it was $30 for a small skein, and I don’t use laceweight yarn. Ended up just buying some other stuff that, while not local, was at least different from anything I’d seen before. It’s very pretty.

We went to Jack in the Box for burgers one day. I love trying out places we don’t have in Iowa. And I’d never had Jack in the Box, and now I have. It was pretty good. They messed up Wally’s sandwich order, leaving him screwed out of a meal for the second time in a row, so Randy ended up going back later to get a new one for him. Got some criticism from the family for that, but whatever. The kid wanted a chicken sandwich, it was not a big deal.

(And in addition to having his meals screwed up twice in a row, they also messed up his tuxedo, so when they went to pick it up, it wasn’t there. It was in Des Moines, where they actually told us it was last week, but the bride had said she’d call and take care of it – because we couldn’t do it ourselves, according to the tuxedo place  – but she didn’t do it, and then I think actually yelled at us about it. But he was soooo disappointed, we’d really been playing up the tuxedo business for a while, and he was thrilled to be such a big boy in his tuxedo, just like daddy and grandpa. And then they didn’t have it, and then he couldn’t eat his lunch. It’s a lot for a little kid to deal with.)

(The night before, dinner was sandwiches with melted cheese over them. I walked in the Dining room to find him sitting there, not eating,and the rest of the kids were nearly done. I asked him to eat and he just made the face he gets when he’s uncomfortable with something and too embarassed to talk about it, so I snuck over and noticed the cheese. I ended up making him a cold meat sandwich with the food we’d brought with us, which was fine, but in the meantime, he had to sit there hungry and watch everyone else eating. Poor kid.)


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