Our Trip, Disneyland post 1

So Monday we got up and drove to Anaheim. Got checked in. Took the shuttle to Downtown Disney and had dinner at House of Blues. I teared up a bit while waiting for our table. I had wandered off with Genna to help her get to sleep (didn’t work), and it suddenly hit me – we’re at Disneyland!! As much as I try to tell myself I don’t love Disney… I do. There’s something about it.

Ate an overpriced and only so-so dinner, then took Wally to the Lego store, which we thought was a good start to our trip. He thought so, too!

Shuttle back to the hotel. And to sleep, for an early morning.

And, erm, earlier than we really planned. Arizona doesn’t observe Daylight savings time (good for them). I don’t own a watch and find that the time of day is rarely relevant to me, and had been blissfully unaware of times for the whole trip. But with the DST change, and moving into a new time zone, we weren’t sure what time it was. We were told that the maids had switched the clocks in the rooms. Randy got up at around 5, showered, then got me up, and I got ready and got the kids (who were already dressed) up. There was a earthquake that I slept through. We wanted to catch the 6:20 shuttle. As I was brushing my hair, I was looking out the window and noticing that there seemed to be nobody else up. Odd, I thought. I was under the impression from the guidebook that we’d be competing for a spot in the front of the line for Magic Morning (you get to enter the park an hour early).

We got everyone up and around and out to the front of the hotel by 6:15 or so. At 6:25, we started wondering. Randy then looked at his phone (which updates the time by satellite). Yeah. 5:25.

Everything started making sense. The news had reported the earthquake at 4:15. I didn’t think much of it at the time. But of course it was 4:15. How funny are we, eh? The front desk lady was totally laughing at us, too. (in a nice way – they were GREAT. Clarion Anaheim. Love it.)

They do bag checks at Disneyland now. Not sure what they’re checking for, but nearly every time, they thought our diaper bag was too heavy to have just diapers and a change of clothes for the kids. “They’re cloth diapers.” My favorite was when I stopped the bag check guy just before he opened my wet bag. “those are wet/used cloth diapers in there.” “oh.” “I almost let you find that out for yourself.” “Thanks.” heh heh.

Anyway. We got thru the gates and enjoyed an hour of a nearly empty park. Everyone else runs for Space Mountain or who knows what else, so we were able to get right on Buzz Lightyear, Star Tours, and the Space Rocket whatever ride.

First Ride at DL
Wally's Third Ride at DL

Genna Slept.
I love DL!

Two or three times for Buzz Lightyear, twice on Star Tours. By this time, the regular gates were open and it was getting more crowded, so we had a longer wait for the Matterhorn Bobsleds.
Brought the DS for Line Boredom
But we brought the DS.

Matterhorn Bobsleds After the Matterhorn, his first rollercoaster
Before and after his first roller coaster.

Hand in Hand We nursed in line for Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear one more time, then we tried to get Wally chosen for Jedi Training Academy. Unsuccessful.

Wally with sign and Tshirt at Jedi Training
He had a star wars Tshirt and an awesome sign that said My Favorite Princess is Leia.

(PS, Genna hated Buzz Lightyear once she was awake. I had to wait outside with her during Star Tours. Randy took Genna duty for Matterhorn Bobsleds so I got to be with Wally for his first rollercoaster.)

But we did Space Mountain, Wally loved it the first time, not so much the second time. Space Mountain was our first experience with Baby Swap. Wally and daddy went on the ride, while I took a special pass with me to the exit of the ride. After they got off, Wally and I (or I would have gone alone if Wally didn’t want to ride again) went to the handicap entrance and got a seat right away. It was nice.

(Future Baby Swaps all involved using the Fastpass line. And usually my waiting around for an hour or longer with Genna. Not quite as much fun. Combine that with the fact that Genna hated Haunted Mansion, Wally’s favorite, and my Disneyland day started seeming like just one giant exercise in Killing Time.)

Headed into Fantasyland, which was a bit overwhelming for me. Crowded, and it didn’t seem to be as easy to navigate. Carousel (no line) and then Dumbo (long line).


We did the line trick we read about in the guidebook. Randy and Wally got in line, and I went to the bathroom (this part not in the book!). Then when I got back, I got in line about 40 people behind them

Tricky Technique
Wally rode with Randy, then got off and got right back in line with me. One cycle of the ride later, he was back on it. ha ha.

When we got off, Wally said he was hot and tired and he wanted to go back to the hotel and rest. I was impressed at his maturity. On the way out, we got some frozen apple juice, which was DELICIOUS. And we came across Jessie and Woody.

Woody and Jessie

I'm tired and I want to rest.
We sat in the shade for a while, and Genna played with her shadow.

Not Tired. Doesn't Want to Rest.

And, you know, by the time we got back to the hotel, he was all awake. But he agreed to lay quietly in bed and let the rest of us rest, too.

Late afternoon, we returned and rode the train for an entire circuit, then to New Orleans Square. Wally was nervous about the Haunted Mansion, but it ended up being his favorite by far. Genna hated it. Wally rode it probably 5 times that night. We also did the Jungle Cruise and tried to see Indiana Jones, but it was closed down. I wandered all over while waiting for them at Haunted Mansion.

Wally did a bunch of pin trading, and got pretty confident about trading, too, which was nice. We let him pick out his own pins, and he ended up with some strange ones, lol. Bought a set of Jack Skellington mickey mouse ears.

Walked over to Downtown Disney for dinner, but ended up deciding to just have our lunch leftovers (we had pizza from the hotel bar).

We didn’t think they were having parades or fireworks while we were there (originally, that’s what their schedule said), but they did. However, we didn’t see them. Wally wasn’t overly interested in the fireworks and while I would have liked to see them, it wasn’t a huge deal to me.


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