Our Trip, Part I

So Thursday, we followed Randy’s parents to Kansas City, stopping about 3 times for breaks, which had me chuckling because that’s normally a trip where I’d put the cruise on 85 and not stop until we got there, lol. But anyway. We got the RV, we moved into the RV, and then we waited for Randy’s sister Kelly to arrive with her family. They did, about three hours after we were anticipating them. Meanwhile, we hung out in the RV, went for a few walks around the parking lot, visited a middle eastern grocery that didn’t have hummus, and watched some classes at my MIL’s sister’s dance studio. We got on the road about 8 pm.

And we drove and drove. The RV sucked. (note: NEVER rent an RV from CruiseAmerica, if this particular RV was any indication of what their fleet is like.) It was so loud, and bouncy, and the windows rattled, and the door was drafty. It stunk. We had anticipated not stopping except for gas, and letting people sleep in shifts and drive in shifts. But we ended up stopping for potty breaks a LOT, even though we had a potty on board. I suggested at one point that that was one of the reasons we had got an RV, but that suggestion was not met with a very enthusiastic response. Genna did pretty good, we kept her in her carseat whenever possible, but let her roam when she needed to.

The kids played DS games, watched movies, read, etc. I read and entertained Genna. I drove the early morning shift. Eventually, we put the other beds out and people tried to sleep. Randy and I got the back bedroom, which was entirely too bouncy to sleep, but I had NO trouble sleeping sitting up next to Genna’s carseat on the couch.

We arrived in Mesa at about 8 pm the next day. Ate dinner. Went to bed. I guess we were supposed to sleep in someone’s house (my SIL’s friend), but we were planning to just sleep in the RV, since it was pet-free, and both my SIL and her friend had pets. Plus, that way, we didn’t have to be on ‘company behavior’ all the time. My SIL’s house was, as you would expect, not geared towards having a wandering 1 year old around, so she had to be followed pretty closely inside, which she kind of resents, so I think she appreciated the freedom in the RV. And she could be naked, too, which does her skin a world of good.

Saturday, the guys went to get their tuxedos and the girls got manicures and pedicures. My MIL had said she would watch Genna for me while I got my nails done, since she had already had hers done before we left, and this was the only reason I had agreed to the whole thing in the first place. But once we arrived at the salon, she decided to get hers done, as well, which left me holding Genna during the pedicure (which was fine – she needed to have bare feet like the rest of us, though!) and scrambling to handle her during the manicure. Fortunately, my neices nails were pretty much dry by then, so they hung out with her for me. (PS, the manicure chipped all up within 2 days.)

Meanwhile, the tuxedo place had made a mistake with the tuxedos. Well, with Wally’s tuxedo. They had called us a week or so prior to tell us that Wally’s tux was ready to be picked up in New York. We called them about the mistake, but they couldn’t do anything about it without the Bride’s say-so, so she said she’d take care of it. She didn’t. So the tuxedo place had to scramble to get a Kindergartener size tuxedo for him. (they did manage to find one! and he loved it!)

We had been hoping to get to Heart Attack Grill for lunch, but the tuxedo thing took so long, and Randy’s rehearsal was at such an odd time, that we didn’t have a chance. We did, however, stop at Jack in the Box, which was fun. I mean, it was a drive-through, but, you know, one we’d never been to. They messed up Wally’s sandwich, though, so he didn’t have any lunch, which sucked for him.

Randy’s rehearsal with the harpist was right in the middle of the afternoon, so while he did that, I took the kids in the rental car to visit a yarn store. It was a nice little store, but I didn’t find anything produced locally, only some really expensive laceweight yarn that was DYED locally. I was supposed to stop and get W a new sandwich, but I forgot, and plus he fell asleep, so after we all got back to home base, Randy ran out and got him a new sandwich. It was like 3:30 b this time and the child was HUNGRY. (This was retold later in the evening by my SIL as “Wally decided he didn’t like any of the food here, so Randy went out to get him a chicken sandwich from the drive through.” Sigh. Whatever.)

And when we went out to the RV for the night, we discovered that the electrical system didn’t work right, and the thing had no power – no lights, no heat, no outlets. A phone call to the support line, and an hour and a half later, and things were running adequately, if not exactly correctly. Meanwhile, I assembled programs with Randy’s sister’s husband while Genna slept and Wally ignored the pleas of his cousins to leave them alone.

PS, have you ever tried to sleep a family of 4 in a full size bed? Crowded.

Apparently, I took no pictures during this time.


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