Our Trip, Part III, Heart Attack Grill

Randy had been excited about the Heart Attack Grill since we knew we’d be in Mesa.

Heart Attack Grill

They have you put on hospital gowns when you arrive, which is actually kind of nice. I almost wish I could wear a gown every time I eat. Didn’t have to worry about spilling, could wipe hands on your gown. It was nice.

The Heart Attack Grill has two menu items. Burgers (single through quadruple) and fries. The fries are cooked in pure lard. OMG. Heaven. Easily the best fries I’ve ever had. And I know the world views lard as bad, but in my world, lard is good.


Apparently, our decision to visit the Heart Attack Grill was unpopular with the rest of the family. I was blessedly not present for the discussion (or most of it anyway) (babies are convenient that way, eh?), but I guess the fact that Randy’s dad had a heart attack (um, so did my mom! and she died!) made Randy’s mom upset over the name of the place, and everyone else was bent out of shape about Randy’s weight.

I won’t pretend he doesn’t need to lose weight. He does. He knows it. I know it. Everyone knows it. But, like with an alcoholic, nothing’s going to change until he decides to change. I know from experience that nagging isn’t going to do it.

But at the same time, eating lard fries is actually probably a heck of a lot better for his overall health than eating pretend food full of transfats, food coloring, preservatives, hormones, and etc.

Came back, washed diapers, went to bed.


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