Disneyland Post 2

We could have gone to Toontown Morning Madness on Wednesday, but chose not to. Toontown opens an hour after the park opens, but if you have Toontown Morning Madness tickets, you can get into Toontown at park opening. My understanding, however, is that this is almost not worth it, since you have to pretty much run across the entire park to get there on time, and we were not up for running. Plus, Genna hated the characters, and I just honestly wasn’t up for the lines.

So instead we slept in a bit and went to California Adventure when it opened at 9. Actually, we went a bit earlier and picked up Binets at the cajun restaurant in Downtown Disney. They were a hit.


California Adventure was nearly deserted, and it was lovely. We stopped to see Lightening McQueen and Mater.

We wondered how they'd do Mater and McQueen

We, of course, nursed.
We nursed in line at California Adventure rides

And while everyone else headed to California Screamin’ or other rides, we walked, ever so slowly, to the Buzz Lightyear 3D ride. The line was about 45 minutes by the time we got there. And, for the record, Genna hated the ride so much, she was sobbing and panicked the whole time, to the point that I was actually looking for a way out. Like, if I’d seen an exit, I would have gotten out of my pod and left. Poor thing.

3D Glasses 3D Glasses

We went from there to the Ferris Wheel. Where we nursed.

We nursed on the Fun Wheel

This ferris wheel has tracks to let the individual cars slide around in a circle on the Ferris Wheel frame. Genna was uncertain at first, but decided she loved it. Mommy, on the other hand, was scared out of her wits. We had Daddy and Wally on one side and just me and Genna on the other side, creating a major weight imbalance, which made the car swing a LOT. Yeah. I thought we were going to die.

Mommy didn't like the Fun Wheel
Mommy didn't like the Fun Wheel

We headed over to Tower of Terror, but on the way, we ran into Mickey, Minney, Pluto, and Stitch. Also Lilo, but she left before we got to her, and we didn’t care anyway.

Wally with Characters Minnie
Wally with Characters Wally with Characters

And then, still on our way to Tower of Terror, a guy outside of the building where Turtle Talk with Crush is located said that there was still room for the next Turtle Talk, and it was starting in 5 minutes. So we went in. And Wally got to talk with Crush!! They asked if he had a question for Crush, and he said his question was “you are totally awesome.” Crush said “agreed.” And then they talked about his sister and his birthday button for a minute. He was thrilled.

Crush - Wally got to talk to him

Then we finally got over to Tower of Terror, as it was getting unbearably hot!! We ended up having Wally and Daddy get in the regular line and I got a baby swap card. The line was about an hour, so Genna and I wandered a LOT. Actually, Genna fell asleep and so I wandered with her in the stroller for a while. We checked out A Bug’s World (where we hadn’t planned to take Wally, since it’s mostly little kid rides with long lines). We checked out the farm area. We went on the incredibly lame tour of the tortilla factory and the bread factory. I wandered thither and yon. Headed over to get a drink at one of the stands, and noticed Elastagirl, Frozone, and Jasmine, so I got their autographs and pictures.

Jasmine was very nice, but looked a little strange in the pictures.

Then I got on Tower of Terror with Wally. He said he liked it, but he almost changed his mind about getting on when it was time to get in the elevator. Personally, I could ride Tower of Terror all day. This is Wally before the ride:
Before Tower of Terror (second time)
And after: After Tower of Terror (second time)
“I don’t want to do that again, mommy.” Alright, honey.

We decided to go take a break, but stopped to meet Elastagirl again on the way out.

And also we stopped at the Monsters Inc ride, which Genna also hated. And the line was really long and hot.

PS, the best thing ever was our purchase of the Junior Encyclopedia of Disney Animated Characters. We used it as our autograph book. Yeah, everyone else in line for the characters mentioned how awesome it was. Who’s the best mommy? Yep. Me.


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