Disneyland, post 3

So, after a rest, we came back to California Adventure and went to the Brother Bear walk-through play area. (I had avoided the other play areas pretty successfully, but this one looked interesting, and plus the map said that sometimes Koda and Kenai are there. They weren’t.)

Brother Bear walk through play thing
Brother Bear walk through play thing
Brother Bear

After this, we still had some time to kill before our fastpasses for Soarin’ were valid, so we kind of just hung around a bit.
He posed this way by himself

At 7:20 or thereabouts, we could use our fastpasses and it was REALLY pushing it with the baby swap. The park closed at 8, and it was 7:50 when daddy and Wally came out of the ride, so we had to rush!! Soarin’ was awesome. Unfortunately, because of the time crunch, I didn’t dare wander too far, so I ended up pretty much sitting outside the ride doing nothing while I waited for my turn. Boring….


Then we headed back to Disneyland and went to Haunted Mansion one or two times. Observed the Fireworks while we headed over to the Pizza place in Tomorrowland for dinner, then hit Buzz Lightyear and Star Tours again.

Nursing on Buzz Lightyear
Of course, we nursed on Buzz Lightyear. Genna still, for the record, didn’t like the ride, but she didn’t scream.

Wally wanted to do the rockets again, too, but Genna was finally asleep in the carrier, so I couldn’t go with him, and Randy wasn’t feeling too hot, so he couldn’t go, and you have to be 7 to ride alone. So we just headed back on the shuttle.


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