Disneyland, Post 4

So Thursday, we were up for the 6:20 shuttle again. In line for Magic Mornings again. Then realized we only had ONE magic morning, and we’d already used it. Tried anyway. No dice. Waited a bit, then decided to take the direct approach, with a small fib. I went up to the ticket person and said “ok, I am going to ask a huge favor. I messed up. I didn’t realize we only had one magic morning on our tickets and we used it on Tuesday. Today is my son’s birthday (the small fib) and we are going home today. We promised him we’d do a few of his favorite rides before we drive back to Iowa. It would mean a lot if we could get in anyway.” The ticket person said no, but agreed to ask a manager. The manager said “hey, what do I care? Go ahead.” Yay!!

So we hit the rocketships ride, Buzz Lightyear, and Star Tours again. And then we ran to It’s a Small World because I’m pretty sure it’s a law that you have to ride that. And THEN we had to RUN to get to our Character Breakfast on time. For the record, PCH Grill is MUCH FURTHER than the five-minute walk that the lady at Information told me it was. More like 15 at top speed. pant pant pant.

The breakfast was awesome. Much more fun than our Character breakfast at WDW was. There were activities and whatnot.

Hula Hooping at Character Breakfast
I was having fun until...
Genna was having a good time dancing with the big kids but Daisy Duck kept creeping closer and closer and eventually, she just couldn’t handle it.


We wanted to stop at the Disney Store before leaving, and after some shopping, while we were in line, Randy decided to take Wally over for one last Haunted Mansion while I bought the goodies with Miss Squirmy. Only problem? My name’s not on the credit card. Disney has, apparently, a “strict policy” that your name has to be on the card. So after about 30 minutes in line to buy something, not only did the snotty lady behind the counter refuse to check to see if they had a Tshirt I really wanted in another size, but she wouldn’t let me buy the stuff we had. Now we were really in a pickle, because we had to check out of the hotel in about 45 minutes.

So I had to wait there at the store for them to get back, then we had to run to the shuttle, wait for the shuttle, and empty our hotel room in record time. NOT exactly a great way to end our trip. Fortunately, the desk clerk was this woman who was in love with our kids, so she extended our checkout another hour. (We’d already asked for a 2 hour extension.)

And then we drove back.


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