The rest of the trip

So when we returned, the older kids were working on a movie they had created. They reluctantly included Wally in the production, but not as much as he wanted, so he borrowed our video camera and made his own movie.

Meanwhile, I got everything ready to go the next AM.

We took some criticism because we didn’t want to let Wally watch the cartoons the other kids were watching. They would not change the channel for us, because when Wally was 2, we let him in the room while we watched The Sopranos. Sigh.

In the morning, everyone got the RV loaded up and we headed out. Everything went fine until we hit Albuquerque. The road was evidently closed due to snow and a buildup of cars, lol. We pulled in to a Walmart parking lot and stayed the night. We ran in to Walmart the next AM to pick up some diapers for Genna since I hadn’t washed them before we left AZ, since I counted them and found I had JUST enough clean dipes to last the trip, lol. Then heard some grumbling about that fact (that we took a minute to run in quick) when we got back. No, we can’t do anything right.

We got as far as Yukon, outside of Oklahoma City, before having to stop again. The road remained open, but was REALLY treacherous. I think Randy’s sister and her husband wanted to keep going, but Randy’s dad said we were stopping. It was pretty bad. So another walmart parking lot for us!

Sigh. It was a loooooooooong trip home.

Highlights from the trip home:

– Eventually, we’re going to have to let Wally sleep in his own bed. This was news to me, as I thought maybe we’d see if he and his wife wanted to sleep with us some day, as long as she doesn’t hog the covers. This was a topic of conversation for several minutes, until I successfully got the subject changed.

– Eye rolls whenever I breastfed.

– Texting back and forth, at least some about us.

– Grumbling about Genna’s carseat taking up so much room. Well, sorry. It’s the law.

– Politics were off limits, but apparently discussion about my parenting choices was fair game.

– People insisting on leaving the beds out instead of converting back to chairs in the morning. Because they were so comfortable. Ok, but that left us no place to sit. And then, as soon as we got started, the person most vociferous about staying laying down was sitting in the passenger seat. What?

– Grandma refusing to play a game with Genna.

This was interesting.

Before the trip, Grandma bought a Cats Cradle string and book, and ranted to me for several minutes about how it makes her sick that her grandkids are always using their cell phones or handheld games. She just wants what’s best for her grandkids, and she doesn’t think that’s it. I didn’t disagree, but had to chuckle a wee bit, because she has never bought my kids any toy that didn’t require batteries. So, you know, start them out as babies with electronic toys, of course that’s what they’re going to want when they’re older. (Plus, honestly, I like the DS for Wally. I like it better than mindless movies, and he’s not a good enough reader yet to be able to read during a car trip. The DS keeps him happy and entertained.)

So then in the RV, Genna initiated a game with Grandma. She’s great at conning people into playing with her. She starts out just “accidentally” letting a toy slip just far enough away that she can’t reach it, and bats her eyes until someone hands it to her. Then she looks you in the face and puts it back where it was. Eventually, she was handing the toy back and forth with Grandma. Grandma did that once, then turned away very deliberately, and Genna was NOT having that. Grandma did it a few more times, teeth literally clenched, then she turned to me and said, through the clenched teeth, “alright, mommy, where’s her toy (the electronic one!), so I don’t have to do this any more.” I asked why she didn’t want to play with Genna, and she didn’t answer. That really, really upset me. It’s not like Grandma had anything pressing to do. We were in that RV for the foreseeable future.

So we all made it home. I have joked that I will file for divorce if they plan anything like this in the future. I’m not joking.

But the good news is that I think Randy kind of gets my reluctance about next year’s cruise. At least a cruise ship is about 8000 times larger than an RV.


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