Misc Thoughts

Found this in my post-trip decompressing.

Funny, but hearing a lot of criticism about my parenting choices has helped reaffirm to me that we’re on the right track. Call me stubborn, I guess.

I also find it interesting to spend a lot of time in close quarters with more mainstream parents. Because NONE of the people I spend time with on a regular basis think it’s one bit odd to cosleep, breastfeed past 3/6 months, wear your babies, homeschool, eat wheat bread (lol), or any of the other things that we do. It was funny also to realize that the subjects that are most frequently discussed with my friends would have no place in many groups. Local foods, chemicals, farming (urban or rural), birth, even good religious discussion. I tried to bring up the CPSC’s warning about baby slings several times, but there were no takers. I’m so grateful for my little band of freaks, lol.

We were called hypocrites because we didn’t want Wally watching the Nickelodeon cartoons (he is allowed to watch Ben 10 and Jimmy Neutron, period) but we used to let him watch The Sopranos. Hm. He was 2 or 3 when the Sopranos were on, and yes, he was usually in the room, but usually doing something else and not usually paying attention. Now he’s 5, he stands in rapt attention in front of the TV, and he copies what they say and do. (He never once said “fuh geddabout it” or “badabing” while the Sopranos were on, but he regularly repeats the language he hears on TV now.) He, at age 5, is NOT allowed to watch cartoons aimed at teenagers. For this, we were soundly criticized, and the channel was not changed. It was like backwards world. (Let me note that we left the room during Desperate Housewives and an in-depth discussion of the sexual activities two of the characters wanted to do with each other.)

Same with food, which was interesting. I kept the food on the down low. We were pretty lax, but he was required to eat some food containing nutritional value at every meal, and no sugar for breakfast. Or at least, no sugar by itself. So, if he ate an egg, THEN he could have a muffin. If possible, the foods he ate were to be actual foods. I took some criticism for not allowing him to eat sugar. Again, it’s like backwards world.


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