Timers, Power Strips

As it turns out, we’re already pretty much set up for this. Doing it is another story. In the kitchen, I have the radio and clock plugged into one power strip, and the cell phone charger, blenders, microwave, etc. plugged into another, so I can switch off the lot of them when I don’t need them. The trouble here is that the power strips are unsightly and so hidden behind the (useless and broken) microwave, and a bit hard to get to. Second trouble is that I might plug in my phone, forget to switch the charger on, and then have a drained phone the next time I’m getting ready to drive somewhere. I might. I’m not saying that I DID…

The bedroom is similarly set up. One power strip for clock and satellite, one power strip for things we don’t necessarily need on when we’re not in there. Again, perhaps getting in the habit of switching things on and off would be a good idea.

And, honestly, those are the only two places where this is really relevant. The things I CAN unplug in my office are not using electricity when turned off (sewing machines, etc) and I honestly can’t turn off the office machines when I’m not using them. Sorry, my life doesn’t work that way. I don’t have 10 minutes to sit around waiting for my computer to boot up and get itself situated. We do have Wally’s computer on a power strip that gets turned off when he’s not using it. He DOES have the time, lol. And in our family office, I have most of the machines turned off (printer, scanner, fax) unless we’re using them. They are not secret power stealers.


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