oh my goodness

not trying to be mean here. but it’s amusing how clueless some people are. I’ve been reading thru some message board threads about CPSIA, all posted by crafters. SO many of the threads start thus: “just found out about cpsia/just started making things for sale. what do I need to know?” Never mind that there are several large, bookmarked/pinned threads titled “start here” or info to that effect. Going to the CPSC to read the law apparently never occurred to these people.

I know a lot of people believe they cannot read/understand laws. But these people need to suck it up, because owning a business requires reading a LOT of laws.

Second, most of these people are small crafters. They buy everything retail. (note: I buy some of my things retail. Print fabrics, particularly, because I can get more variety and smaller quantities at similar prices to buying wholesale just by shopping clearance.) They are contacting Offray and Coats and Clark and similar, demanding that these companies comply with CPSIA and provide them with GCCs.

News Flash: These companies do not make items intended for ages 12 and under. Additionally, they don’t know who you are. And they don’t care about CPSIA, or about you. Sorry.

Some manufacturers are willingly submitting their items for testing to comply with CPSIA. Touchtape, for example. But the companies doing this are generally ones who have a major stake in the children’s products business. Touchtape is heavily used by cloth diaper companies, and has a vested interest in keeping that business. (Because, believe me, if they refused and one of the other companies decided to comply, many businesses, including mine, would drop them in a heartbeat.) But Offray doesn’t have a big stake in children’s products. They sell their stuff to big stores – if the big stores started requesting/demanding CPSIA compliance, they’d probably listen. But Joe Consumer? Not so much.

argh. I hate it when I venture outside of my designated Safe Zone on the internet…


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