Here’s a great idea for someone to run with

Not me. I have too many ideas I’m running with already, lol.

Apparently, in some counties and cities in the US, local governments are turning over abandoned lots for urban farming. Particularly in communities where there are numerous vacant properties that revert to city or county ownership, this seems like a great use of otherwise wasted urban space. Many of these vacant properties are located in neighborhoods where the local population may lack good transportation and yet they might live a fair distance from grocery stores. Establishing small urban farms in these neighborhoods solves several problems – the neighborhood doesn’t have eyesore properties, the locals learn good skills, and they also obtain a good food source.

Example: Genesee County Land Bank in Flint MI.

Makes me wonder if Des Moines could start some sort of program like this. I know funding’s tight right now, but I bet that this could be done very inexpensively, and it would save costs in the long run, potentially. (though with the city’s stellar record of late with responsible use of taxpayer money, I guess it’s hard to say.)


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