iPhone/iPod Touch Apps

There are some interesting Natural Living iPhone apps out there for you iPhone or ipod Touch owners. Here are just a few, free ones unless indicated:

Go Green. Get a new Green tip every day, though the reviews on this particular app seem to indicate that the tips are not always accurate and can be pretty lame, lol.

Locavore. Tells you what foods are in season in your area, and helps direct you to local farmer’s markets. Seems like it would be great for frequent travelers as a fast and easy way to find markets. (NOT a free app)

iRecycle. Tells you what is recyclable and where to take it in your area, including hours and locations of recycling facilities.

Seventh Generation Label Reading Guide. Helps you figure out what’s in the stuff you buy. The images in the iTunes store show an alphabetical list of ingredients, what they are, how they affect you, etc.

Dirty Produce. Helps you remember which produce you should buy organic, and which it’s probably OK to stick with conventional.

I’ve downloaded iRecycle and the Seventh Generation Label Reading Guide for my iPod Touch. I’ll let you know what I think. Please do comment here if you decide to try any of these – or if you have any other relevant apps!


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