I don’t understand

How the Arizona law is racist? It’s racist to want to stop illegal immigration and to send illegals back to where they came from? Why is that? Because illegal immigrants inherently aren’t American? But “American” is not a race.


2 responses to “I don’t understand

  1. No. It is because there are illegal immigrants from all over the world. It is racist to focus on the Mexican border and on illegal Mexican/Latin American immigrants. Why not secure the Canadian border too? Or every other water border or airport for that matter? Mexican immigrants are easy to focus on because they typically have a distinct look and language AND go for certain jobs, tend to stick together in clusters instead of assimilating. The Arizona law very pointedly targets that group and not all the illegal immigrants from all over. I personally knew 30 illegals in college and none of them were Mexican, 1/2 were unemployed and not even attending school. No one assumed they were illegal though several of my Latin American friends who were totally legal were targeted on a regular basis and accused of being illegals by racist ignorant idiots. I’m just saying that it is a complicated issue and not black and white.

  2. You know, Steve Deace resists any attempt to limit abortion or stop SOME abortion, because he thinks ALL abortion needs to be stopped. His all or nothing approach limits any progress.

    I don’t disagree that we need to focus on BOTH borders. However. I know I went to a public school, but I don’t think that Arizona borders Canada. Arizona doesn’t have a large problem with Canadian illegals. Or, for that matter, terrorists who snuck across the northern border. They DO have a huge problem with illegals crossing the border with Mexico. Phoenix is the world capital for Kidnappings, mostly related to drug smuggling across the Mexican border.

    If we’re going to deal with border security as a nation – which we should – both borders need to be taken care of. But the national government is too busy sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong (healthcare) to take care of the business it has been assigned by the Constitution (national and border security).

    Arizona stepped up because the Feds were not doing their job of national security. So they’re taking care of their own problems. And because they’re not ridiculous like the Federal government usually is when it passes laws, they kept the scope small and relevant.

    The law doesn’t actually target any race in particular. It says that if someone has already been stopped for cause and the officer has a reason to suspect they are illegal, they must ask. It doesn’t matter if they suspect they are illegal Mexicans or illegal Somalis. (However, honestly, in Arizona, it’s much much much more likely that anybody who’s illegal will be Mexican. We’re more likely to have a diverse illegal population here in Iowa than they do in AZ.) Just like if an officer suspects someone has broken another law like drinking and driving, they must ask. If they have reason to suspect you have drugs in your car or on your person, they have to ask.

    And I’ve known illegals, too. The illegals I’ve known were all from African nations, and they’ve all been deported – actually, turned in by illegals from other African nations. (Apparently, some ethnicities of Africans really really hate each other.) My mom used to know a population of illegals from Asian countries, largely China. And, hm, I think also Africa, but the Muslim parts of Africa. Or else the middle east, but since it was probably the late 80s, I’m thinking Africa. (families of her students when she was teaching at ISU.)

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