Empty Beach
We just got back from our week at Okoboji. It was great and, as always, over too soon.

Genna and Uncle Mike
Genna loves Uncle Mike.

Crazy Paige
Paige is crazy.

Marshmallow Roast
The resort has a marshmallow roast every week, and we were practically the only ones there… But we brought our own provisions and had smores… mmmmm….

YUM Marshmallows

mmmm... I like marshmallows!

Balloon Animals Balloon Animals
Yeah. I can make balloon animals. I rock.

Boat ride Boat ride
The boat ride was tolerated by all, but enjoyed by few.

Now THIS, I like!
Genna definitely enjoyed being docked a lot more. She could drive, and she didn’t have to wear the life jacket.

Beach Baby Beach Baby
Genna loved the beach, and Wally loved the water. (this was a nice change for him, in the past, he’s been pretty wary of the lake and cautious about the pool.)

Beach Baby
It’s a good thing she’s so cute because she’s also very ornery.

Arnold's Park
Arnold’s Park was enjoyed by all, but their fussy rules really got on my nerves. The kids loved the rides, and Paige agreed to take Wally on some of the rides he couldn’t do by himself.

Arnold's Park Arnold's Park Arnold's Park

Arnold's Park Arnold's Park Arnold's Park

Arnold's Park Arnold's Park
Genna cried whenever a ride ended. Dang, that girl loves her some rides.

Arnold's Park

They are doing homework.
Wally was hard at work on his “homework” and Genna, of course, joined him. He was busy drawing out inventions.


Nature Play Area Nature Play Area Painting like Karate Kid
A county-owned complex near a geocache we went looking for featured a butterfly house and this children’s nature play area. Note that Wally’s painting the fence like Karate Kid.


Mini Golf
Mini Golf Genna found a seat on the golf course.
Mini Golf

We all enjoyed a round of mini golf. Genna enjoyed playing on the indoor course more than actually playing golf, and eventually found a seat over the #8 hole.



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