why I even care

about the whole gay sex is a sin thing.

In the end, I don’t. Because what people do in their private lives is none of my business, and because I just don’t care.

When I start to care is when society, people, or a person start to want to make me say, believe, or otherwise assimilate the idea that sin = just peachy keen. We do that a lot in society. I’ve had it. I react the same way to any other sin being pushed as acceptable (such as murder, as well as the idea of serial monogamy, and I watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy the other day and they were all “oh, everyone gets sphyllis.” um, what?). (And, yes, even though I can cuss like a drunken sailor when the occasion calls for it, I also feel the same way about society accepting such lack of control over our mouths.)

And can I say again, that I’m sick of being told that I’m judgemental, a homophobe, or whatever else because I don’t walk around condoning sexual sin. And, for the record, no I’m not a lesbian. Someone suggested that, too.


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