Whale Wars

Time for some frivilous posting.

I love watching Whale Wars, mostly because the Sea Shepherds really come across as fairly incompetent but they don’t seem to realize it. Paul Watson is fairly full of himself and obnoxious and I really think I’d have to strongly resist the urge to throw him overboard were I on his ship. Example: the episode I’m watching today, he decides to steer his ship into a big ice pack, even though his ship isn’t rated for ice. They’re trying to shake a Japanese ship that’s tailing them. Paul reasons that he has more ice experience than the Japanese so they won’t follow him.

I personally think Paul just secretly believes he’s Han Solo.

But anyway. Mr I Have More Ice Experience commands his second in charge to steer thru the ice, and then leaves the bridge to go work in his office. After a bit, the ship experiences a big bang from ice, and he comes charging back up, all mad, and demands to take over.


I’m not in favor of illegally killing whales. But I’m not in favor of the Sea Shepherds’ techniques, either, nor the higher-ups in the organization.


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