To do

Trim scraggly vines from front
Haul away scraggly vine trimmings in fairness, this didn’t get accomplished, but they’ve decomposed enough now…
Trim bushes on corner
Trim up tall grasses
Sigh in disgust at the 42nd street side of our house.

Move small shed to new location.
Prepare ground
Empty shed

Move shed

Switch out the like 8 storm windows that actually got put on this winter back to their screens

Repair screens that were damaged in the Tree Removing, as well as screens damaged just because they want to make life difficult.

Nail down wood along sides of chicken tractor to keep whatever is trying to burrow inside from succeeding.

Install new shed.
Order gravel
Prepare foundation 4 hours, because we’ll have to haul gravel from driveway to backyard
Nail together and square up 2x4s
Fill with gravel
Level off
Purchase and assemble shed 4 hours
Do a happy dance 10 minutes

Build new chicken house
Purchase sheet goods

Nail on siding and roof
Assemble run
Attach hardware cloth
Attach hardware
Do a happy dance

Get ready for rabbits
Build rabbit cages
Purchase or acquire feeders
Design Watering system
Purchase parts for watering system
Assemble watering system
Do a happy dance
Do another happy dance if watering system works
Praise God

Get rid of various piles of wood
Chip up branches into mulch

Move front water barrell to back.
Consider purchase of additional barrel, set up a tier system with barrels.

Get rid of pallet and posts that are junking up our yard.

Put canopy back on canopy frame
Set up pool


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