Reading A Patriot’s History of the United States. OK, I’m reading the prologue. And it’s FASCINATING.

“In the 1820s as a result of the Missouri Compromise, Martin van Buren founded a political party. The sole goal of this political party was to gain and hold power. It was not interested in any principles. Van Buren’s focus for this political party was to avert civil war, an daltruistic motive. They party’s purpose was not to talk about slavery, so we wouldn’t have a war. They were going ot reqard people who would run for office and hold office who soul dnot talk about slavery. Soif you thikn about it, the foundation for this party was essentially very base. It was, ideas don’t count, ideology doesn’t count; only money counts. And if we have enough money in front of you, you will forget about your principles.”

What party did Van Buren found? The Democratic party.

I’m NOT saying Republicans are superior here, and hell, even if the Repub party were superior here, they certainly would lose when it comes to sticking to their principles, so don’t get all defensive on me. This was just interesting.


One response to “History

  1. you should bee reading the peoples history of the united states by Howard Zinn.
    o should take that book of right wing propoganda lies an throw it in the trash where it Belongs.
    The whole point ot that book is to make people think that republicans are so great.
    well, i guess lies are more appealing then the truth.

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