Making your own Rain Barrel

We here at the Reid household have been going back and forth on this one all summer – do we want to make our own rain barrels or just buy some already made? Our current barrels are over 10 years old. One is split down the side, the other is bowing out at the bottom, giving it a decidedly tippy demeanor.

We can’t find what we want locally, but the risk with making one is that it doesn’t function quite right. And finding a good, cheap source for 55 gallon barrels is somewhat of a challenge, too.

But should you decide you want to make your own, Des Moines Juice has recently posted a set of instructions.


3 responses to “Making your own Rain Barrel

  1. We made our own rain barrels last year. We purchased our 55 gallon drums from Atlantic Bottling Company for $5 each. I have heard that they are not offering them anymore. Would heavy duty garbage cans work? They would be cheaper than buying your own already made barrels.

    • Garbage cans will work if you are only using them for watering your landscape. I would be concerned that the plastic used in the gargage cans is not food-safe and will leach chemicals into the water-especially in the warmer weather and with sunlight exposure. Food-grade barrels would be much better to use.

  2. we actually have a couple of 55 gallon barrels that we might be selling you can email if you are interested. They were intended for rain barrels but we ended up purchasing too many for our current needs.

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