Solar Leasing

Hm, perusing through the most recent issue of Urban Farm magazine, I came across the idea of solar leasing. Basically, some companies have started leasing solar panels to interested homeowners. This lessens the up-front costs but, like any lease, makes it more expensive in the long run. In doing just a short bit of research online, though, I’m finding that there are many who doubt the financial viability of a solar leasing program – particularly, Citizenre Renu has been promising solar panels to interested homeowners since 2006, but apparently have yet to actually install any.

Regardless, I did find a company in Minnesota called Solarflow Energy that provides solar panel leasing. They are in the middle of a pilot project limited to customers in the twin cities area, but I would assume that if the project goes well, there might be a possibility of expanded operations – or of a business opening up here in Des Moines providing similar services. Something to look into!


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