Cedar Rapids approves urban chickens!

Good news for those who live in Cedar Rapids – the Cedar Rapids City Council yesterday approved backyard chickens!

According to KCCI, residents can keep up to 6 chickens in their yard.

The ordinance said chickens must be in a fenced area at least 10 feet from property lines and 25 feet from any adjacent home, church, school or business. Odors can’t be “perceptible” beyond the boundaries of the yard.

As a humorous aside,

Resident Audrey Rahn noted that raccoons love chickens, and backyard chickens could mean more raccoons. She wondered if the city would need a bow hunt of raccoons.


3 responses to “Cedar Rapids approves urban chickens!

    • All I could find when searching Chicken in the WDM code was that you can’t use chicken wire as permanent fencing. When I searched Fowl I found this:


      It shall be unlawful for any animal, including, but not limited to, cats, dogs, cattle, horses, swine, sheep, fowl or any animal defined as dangerous or vicious by this chapter to run at large within the corporate limits of the city. The owner shall be held responsible and subject to penalty. (1985 Code §3-2.03)

      I read thru the whole animal section and found nothing addressing chickens. If the law doesn’t prohibit it, then it’s allowed.

  1. My understanding from other WDM residents is that the law is pretty mute on the subject, just that they can’t run wild and must be confined. Have I been misinformed??

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