If you have to ask…

Alright, i generally can’t stand Steve Deace. Sometimes, yes. Mostly, no.

But his radio show has a little audio promo clip they play that includes the phrase “If you have to ask… it’s about you.”

That goes for this blog, too. If you have to ask… then it IS about you.

Whether it really was intended to be about you or not. Because if you THINK it’s about you, it’s probably because you see yourself in whatever I’m writing about.

I have, at times, not posted on topics, or changed what I was going to say significantly, because I was trying to avoid having certain people assume I was talking about them when I wasn’t. But, you know what, I’m done with that.

If you think that something I write is about you, then it is.

(I say this because I’m about to write on a subject that I know at least two people who read this blog will assume is about them. And it’s not. But if they think it is, it may as well be.)


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