The Colony

I have to kind of wonder why I do this. I’m a sucker for survival shows, I guess. So I’ve finally started watching season 2 of The Colony. You might recall how impressed I was with last season.

This season seems to be much the same. The colonists have an unusually useful set of skills. The premise here is that there was a devastating virus and these colonists have been declared healthy, and were dropped off by the government into this “safe zone” to await relocating to a new place. The “Safe zone” is part of Louisiana that was not rebuilt after Katrina. I believe this was vaguely the premise of the last season, too. And NOBODY seems to have a problem with wandering around the neighborhood, interacting with strangers, eating fish or animals they catch, etc. Last season, they walked through drainage ditches without thinking twice. At least this season, they covered their mouths and noses when interacting with strangers.

And they did quarantine the two guys who physically interacted with the strangers, but for only 12 hours. Hm.


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