End of summer 2010 global update


Take a bellydancing class         I’m going to do this this fall. Either the classes at Firehouse Yoga on Mondays, or possibly thru Community Ed.

Learn German. Could I suck any more at doing this? I just need to do it.

Take a hip hop class                Right. I’m having trouble finding one.

Take a Community Education class in something I’ve never tried before                       I will be trying for this this fall. I’m waiting for the new class schedules to be released.

Go to an event at the observatory I was waiting for a summer schedule. Now I guess I’m waiting for a fall schedule?


Take a picture, over the course of a year, of every time around the clock. This one is in progress. I changed it somewhat.

Do the 100 strangers project No progress made here.

Learn a new craft I have the materials to make molds, and I have the materials to do screenprinting. I also plan to learn to do cold process soap. Now to just do them…

Make something for 10 different people, unexpected (6/10)                I’m always on the prowl for people who I can surprise with a crafty gift.

Participate in 2 charitable crafting projects a year (3/6)                I’m considering some volunteer work for Ruth Harbor.

Make something using my power tools – all of them. I just need to use the scroll saw to make something for the chicken coop, and then this will be finished up.

Finish or get rid of projects in the unfinished projects box                  This will happen when I move my office.

Participate in at least one additional craft fair                  Nothing to report.


Put together a care package for someone                I need to find someone who wants a care package.

Help a stranger.                   I need to find a stranger who needs help, lol.

Write to her again.              In progress.


Bench press my own bodyweight This is, in theory, in progress.

Touch my toes                  Again, i’m working on it.

Memorize a poem               I gave up on the Lord of the Rings poem and will be finding something smaller.

Memorize a chunk of the Bible Psalm 139.

5 pullups. In a row.                   not even in progress.

“Social” or Environmental

Buy nothing for a week.               No plans

Buy nothing new for a month.                  No plans

Take the bus instead of driving.                        No plans

Volunteer a bit for an organization I am not already involved with                       Thinking of doing something with Ruth Harbor.

Eating Food

Eat only local food for a week                   We’ll just need to pick a week and do it.

Have a candlelight dinner

Fast for a day IF both kids wean before the 1001 are over and I’m not pregnant.

Essential Life Skills

Take a survival class                               Any thoughts on where I can find such a class??

Make a will                    Sigh. Need to do this.

Go hunting              Maybe this fall?

Learn to make jam              Um, I need to first find some cheap fruit, lol.

Completely Random

Dance somewhere unexpected. Unexpected for me. Who is prone to dancing wherever she is.

Participate in a rally or protest or march

Say yes when I want to say no.

Dress up as something, go somewhere, don’t explain

For Fun

Go to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field.           I guess we’ll do this next year.

Take the telescope out

Go night hiking                      Hoping to do this this fall after the bugs die.

Visit 5 new (to me) state parks. (1/5)

Go to a movie by myself.                  This fall, maybe? Genna’s old enough.

Go roller-skating.

Have Randy teach me to juggle.

Host a movie night.

Go to a fun indie craft fair in another city.

Go to a festival.                           I mean, I went to the Arts Festival, but I was thinking of something more fun.


Participate in postcrossing; use cards as basis for hs learning

Decide on a proper memorial for the babies and do it

Take the time to give myself awesome sausage rolls.

Write a letter to myself, to be opened in 10 years.                   Need to find time to do these.

Write a letter to each child, to be opened in 10 years.          Need to find time to do these.

Write a letter to Randy, to be opened in 10 years.                  Need to find time to do these.

Enter a contest.

(counts as 5) Do 5 Learning to Love You More assignments (0/5)


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