The Colony and Why It Sucks So Much

OK, beyond the obvious scripting, the super-skilled “random” survivors, the overly contrived situations, the actors who seem to have trouble remembering this is a TV show (OMG! they kidnapped one of our girls! I hope she’s OK and they don’t hurt her!), and the not-quite-in-touch-with-reality scenarios, I think I may have put my finger on what bugs me so much about this show, and I think it’s pretty telling about my general world view, too.

They’re not allowed to fail. They never have a project that fails. Want wind energy? OK. We will build a windmill and it will work like a charm on the first try. Want gas? Let’s render bio-diesel from these dead rotting hogs we happened to find in a nearby truck. Poof! and it works!

If the actors (participants, whatever) set up their electrical circuits wrong, they don’t burn down their house. No, the off-camera experts help them fix it. If one of the actors cuts a large gash in his arm and decides not to bandage it, they don’t let him experience an infection and gangrene. No, one of the off camera experts convinces him to bandage it. Going fishing or hunting in the middle of the day? Fine! Forget to put your tools and other valuables away? Oh, someone might come take one or two, but they’ll quietly leave and won’t take the stuff you REALLY need. One of your females goes wandering off alone, far out of earshot of the group, without telling anyone, and without a weapon? Oh, we’ll “kidnap” her, but she’ll be fine and be returned to you if you give us some of your gas.

I don’t really have a solution to this. I mean, they can’t let them fail, because the failures could be fatal or, at the least, fairly damaging. And they can’t do that. But it also takes a LOT away from the show. Because real life, particularly in a survival setting, isn’t this easy. You don’t succeed at everything.


6 responses to “The Colony and Why It Sucks So Much

  1. I agree completely. This show to me is an insult to anyone who watches it. I don’t even find it slightly educational or informative. I quit watching by the 5th episode.

  2. This is almost as bad as the Weather Channel showing movies. WTF is wrong with these networks? The Discovery Channel used to be about LEARNING. Leave the scripted “reality shows” to the failing broadcast networks.

    I want to say I can’t believe Discovery jumped onto the reality bandwagon and air (cable) this garbage, but these low-IQ network executives wouldn’t know quality if it rented space in their rear end.

  3. Well here’s my observation the movie is a exposure with a bad plot and storyline. It exposes many things I’ve predicted with advanced Scientific Research. I’m made predictions that the Earth will be going through an Iceage shortly. We also have Haarp which is a Weather Control device. Obviously what happened his the bad guy on the movie was mason just like Sum of all Fears. It’s an Illuminati or Zionist Film that exposes a Plot to destroy the World. Provide Colonies complete with Quarantine to treat those away from the colony who catch the Bird Flu. The Raiders also appear to be Zombie like unrealistically killing all for food instead of just the back of the pack and then making other strikes later. The Main Zombie Obviously is a Reptilian cause of his Strength, Size and Sharded Teeth. The Rest are like on Bathsalts or something. Like I said they appear to be programmed to kill. It’s just one of those movies to fuel Conspiracy Theorist forums like crazy. Maybe in the 2nd one they will explain more of the actual Plot. Until then it’s just a gory mk ultrafest with little or no actual story which makes it a terrible movie that even Morpheous couldn’t save.

  4. Real Cannibal Raiders wouldn’t attack after confronted by Vault Survivors with Weapons. It’s better that they killed a few than left to feast than come back and regroup they had no AI for raiders/villians. They just killed with no reason too. Why would you bring Knives to a Gun Fight…? So ever wrote this awful movie should have been kicked out in the snow and shot lol! That’s how the movie should have started or ended. And I would have been happy. But now this is a Disgrace to Fallout Themed Post Apocalypse Movies. This one is just hard to watch, I wanted to just fall asleep about 30 mins into it.

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