It’s the obligatory Iowa State Fair post

We went twice this year. And we decided that going in the evening is really the thing to do. We’ll do that from now on.

In the evening, we got dinner, we looked at the animals, we wandered a bit, we got some cookies, we got dinner at the Beef Producers tent (drawback to going at night on the second to the last day = they were out of bacon), and we rode the sky glider.

Nonstop Fun (Iowa State Fair)
Corn dog. I won’t pretend that my kids are so accustomed to only wholesome whole foods that Wally doesn’t love a good corn dog.

Nonstop Fun (Iowa State Fair)
My new carrier. Note extra super long straps in case Randy wanted to wear it.

Nonstop Fun (Iowa State Fair)
Nursing, of course.

Nonstop Fun (Iowa State Fair)
None of us had ever been on the sky glider at the Fair. It was surprisingly long, and very pleasant.
We also went back the next day (the last day of the Fair) to perform and visit the Varied Industries building. (And to see my two second place ribbons and my Honorable Mention in the Fabrics and Threads department.) It was really hot, though, and also crowded, and I really liked evening much better.


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