Labor Day Weekend Tasks

Let’s check back after the weekend and see how many of these I had to do myself.

– Take care of pool. <—- This is Randy’s job and if it doesn’t get done, then, well, it’ll be just like last year.
– Mow. <—- mostly done.
– Weed Whack the wildflowers off the sidewalk <—— Done
— figure out why weed whacker smells like fire when it’s used <—– there was a zip tie twisted up around it.
– Pick up the blasted tarp from the driveway <—— Done
– Clean other crap out of the driveway
– Pick up back yard.  <—— Randy reports this is done
– Move chicken coop. <—– Done
– Pick up house.    <—– Done
– Wash sheets. <—- Done
– Fold laundry and put away.  <—– Done
– Get needed cord for DVD player. <—– Done
– Get replacement car DVD player.     <—– Done
– Work on wholesale order. <—— Done
– Reserve books at Library for next SS unit (obviously these last 2 are just for me) <—— Done


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