The Mother Nature Network has posted a photo list of the top 10 places to survive the apocalypse. Since this is National Preparedness Month, it seems timely, does it not?

But the photo list’s first page pokes a little fun at people who are storing up food and ammo in the event of apocalypse or zombie attack. Now, I will admit that we joke about our own preparedness steps by saying we do them for the coming zombie invasion, but we all know that we’re really preparing for any disaster, large or small. The folks in Louisiana didn’t have zombies attack, but they certainly could have used a well-thought-out personal preparedness plan and a box of supplies and food, eh? Just this summer, families across Iowa have had to evacuate their homes on short notice due to flooding – think those families might have appreciated a box or a few bags pre-packed with the basic supplies they’d need for a few days in a shelter?

People prepare for the worst-case scenario, because that way, they’re ready for the smaller disasters that are much more likely to happen.


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