New Binder

New Binder

Oh, yes, I bought myself a new binder system. We were at Target gorging on 3 cent notebooks when I noticed this modular binder set they had (also on clearance). The set consists of a large double-ringed binder (two sets of three rings) that was like $3, and then various things to put inside – regular-size binders ($1.74), clipboards (with grommets for the rings), etc. I got myself about 6 of the regular-size binders and one clipboard.

New Binder

The reason this was appealing to me was the ability to divide out the varied sections of my current binder into separate binders, but still have a “home” where they could all be together. My binder has in it my daily to-do lists, my mid- and long-term planning, my Wallypop planning, and all of our Homeschool plans and notes. It’s been a hassle of late to have to flip back and forth and back and forth between the homeschool sections and the daily life sections every morning.

New Binder

So this is the “Life” binder. The first section there is my daily to-do lists. I use one page every week.

New Binder

The other sections are “long term,” “master lists,” “project 1,” “project 2,” and “Homekeeping.” Long Term contains things like my annual goals, lists of longer term projects and statuses of said projects, etc. Master Lists is things like Christmas presents, packing lists, etc. Project 1 and Project 2 are self-explanatory. Homekeeping contains my weekly and monthly cleaning lists, as well as a few articles about homemade cleaners, stain removal, etc. (though most of this type of stuff lives in my Home binder, which is not included in this system since it is not used on a daily basis.)

New Binder

Behind those sections are these sections: Wallypop, Boulevard Designs, and Lists. These contain longer-term planning for both businesses, as well as master lists for those businesses. (Packing list for baby fairs, list of clothing blanks in inventory, list of EOs I own, etc.)

New Binder

Last, my calendar.

New Binder

The orange notebook is the Homeschool notebook. The first section here is our Weekly Plan. I plan 2-3 weeks at a time.

New Binder

The tabs here are “Weekly Plans,” “Mid and Long Term Planning,” “Scope and Sequence,” “Ideas and Thoughts”

Weekly plans have a page for every week, with a section for every subject and a general idea of what we’ll learn about plus resources listed. Mid and Long Term Planning has, gee, longer term planning.  Scope and Sequence contains several lists I’ve acquired from various sources of first (or in some cases, second) grade scope and sequence information. Ideas and Thoughts is random stuff. “Columbus – make a compass with magnetized needle” is in there right now.

New Binder

The page on the left is our Character quality chart, and then there’s a pencil pouch.

New Binder

Behind the two notebooks, I have a few translucent plastic pockets. (One contains the food allergy information we obtained from the doctor’s office.)

So far, I like the set, but we’ll see how it works out over the next few months.


One response to “New Binder

  1. i love it. I love binders and totally would be lost without them. my system evolves — i have some “big ideas” but can’t seem to get there practically; too much life gets int eh way of putting life in order.

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